Friday, August 27, 2004

Terrorists without a cause

Meanwhile back in the motherland, Bangladesh is in the grips of a massive anti-government hartal (general strike) after the grenade attack at a public rally of the main opposition party (The Awami League) in Dhaka which left 20 dead and hundreds seriously injured. No one has been arrested and the police have yet to come up with any leads. But even the the authorities fail to show any confirmed suspects, it is common knowledge who's responsible. There has been a pattern to these terrorist attacks against the public which started about 2 years ago. The targets have been, amongst others

  • A cinema in Khulna,

  • A religious shrine in Sylhet,

  • The Baishaki (New Year) carnival

  • A political rally of the (anti-Jamaati) Awami League .

It doesn't take a political-science guru to figure out that are targets of the ultra right wing Islamic groups who tend to be irritated, to say the least, by what they deem to be "un-Islamic". So cinema, shrines, non-Islamic Bengali festivals and of course the anti-Jamaati Awami League tend to be targets.

It is also common knowledge that the Bangladesh government has most to gain if the bombers were to go uncaught and unprosecuted. They, the BNP government, have formed an most unholy alliance with the ultra-right Islamic contingent, the Jamaati Islami's, and as a result have been forced to give rehabilitation to what is basically a political front to a terrorist group.

Unfortunately our 'deshi terrorists do not have the heroic credibility of being pitted against the grunts from the second Platoon of the US Army or against paramilitary Israeli Settlers who have claimed their land. Instead, Bangladehi terrorists have to derive their fun killing innocents who commit the sin of going to the cinema or to a political speech or a carnival.

They don't have the imagination, not to mention the courage, to do anything near as noble as strapping a 100lbs of explosives to their bodies and detonating themselves for their cause. If only they could spend a minute to figure out what their cause was before they whipped themselves into a frenzy and lobbed grenades at a group of innocent bystanders, they might actually be plausible.


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