Monday, August 29, 2005

Crusader, Moi?

Britain has historically been regarded with the utmost respect by Islamic peoples, Fundamentalists included, in spite of the legacy of the Balfour Declaration [1917]. But it was not until Blair involved himslef as Bush's attack poodle in the 'Great Iraqi Fuck Up' that England has now come to be regarded universally in the Islamic World, along with the US, a 'Crusader state'.

So airbrushing a few militant Muslim Black sheep out of the picture (and kicked out of the UK) will not fix the damage done to Britain's role (both real and perceived) as the World's Umpire. The saddest loss is that Britain will never again have the respect that it once had as the Voice of Reason in International Policy terms. Just ask Michael Jay.

Cartoon by Steve Bell.


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