Friday, August 26, 2005

Out of Gaza and Into the West Bank

The forced ‘exodus’ of Settlers (read para-military units armed to the teeth) out of the Gaza Strip and into the West Bank is going on unabated. So far these Israeli occupiers are get given the photo-opportunity of looking like dishevelled martyrs. Every day we see pictures of anguished men and women being turfed out of their homes amidst tears and acrimony. Almost makes you want to sympathise for them right? Wrong. Thats exactly what the Israel and, in cahoots the US, want you to do. They want the world to develop an mental image of Israelis sacrificing their livelihoods and their homesteads. Except that:

  • Gaza remains an Israeli protectorate. Its borders (both land and air) and its resources (whats left of them after the Settler-Army sucked it dry) remains very much in Israeli possession
  • By relocating the Settlers out of Gaza, Israel’s payback is that it pretty much gets to demand what it wants from the West Bank. Remember that the West Bank is the single biggest chunk of land and contains the most resources and water (its always about money and water in Israeli politics these days) of any of the land stolen from Palestine since Israel annexed Jersualem in 1967.

And now we find out this. By moving the Settler hordes into the West Bank, Israel also slyly grabs even more unnegotiated West Bank land from the disenfranchised Palestinians and will build another wall around it! So now we finally know what the whole performance of the “forced expulsions” from the Gaza was all about.


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