Thursday, September 15, 2005

Conspiracy-soaked Popinjay

I recently read the following comments-box exchange on Popinjays for War (a well known, reactionary and rabidly pro-war blog), between a commentator (named Callum) and Eric the Unread, one of its contributors:

Callum: I suppose listing the long history of Christian Imperialism would just be an exercise in pointing out the obvious?

Eric the Unread: No, an exercise in pointlessness. They are not currently trying to create a Christian empire by blowing up Saudi public transport.

By 'they', Eric means Islamic extremists, becuse that's what the thread is about.

So my reading of that sentence is that he is directly implying that, converse to Callum's Christian Imperialists, 'They' the Islamic Imperialists are currently trying to create a Muslim empire by blowing up London Transport.

Double Take. Sorry, what?

Even as I write that sentence, I can see that it reads entirely like a cheesy conspiracy theory. Here we go again: Revolutionary Islamists in our midst, blowing up bombs in an organised manner to create an Anarchist/AntiChrist Islamist Empire in the UK. Cue images of hordes of beturbaned and bearded Mujahideen storming through the streets of London, wielding rocket launchers.

Or can it really be that the Unread one actually believes the Underground bombers are part of a plot to bomb Britain into Islamic Empire-hood. Goes a long way to explain why the Popinjay contributors sound like a bunch of shrill, panicky and ethically constipated losers most of the time.

And as if to magically corroborate my point, here's Eric the Undead making a typically derivative point at the expense of a Guardianista article that he has misconstrued, as usual. Nothing new here, just snarky ennui.

Is he is hip, clever and controversial? Hardly, his readers know him to be callow, stupid and boring.


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