Tuesday, September 27, 2005

No more ideas from the Pros

The pro-War pundits have run out of ideas. The facts on the ground look bad for those who supported the Anglo-US War on Iraq. Unless, like Norman Mailer, you like seeing the White Guy beat the Brown Guy in a boxing metaphor that goes beyond parody. The war-mongers look stupefied and listless. So what do they do? They trolley out the old memes about ‘stoppers’ because, if you support a war, never deny yourself the right to a bit of chest-thumping (Fuck Yeah!!):

  • Bunch of Guardian readers. Thanks to the blogosphere, haven’t had to since 2003. And then only by filtered-RSS.
  • Bunch of UN supporters. Perhaps, but anyone who has lived and worked in the 3rd World for longer than 5 minutes knows that the UNDP are no fools.
  • They are rabidly anti-Bush and anti-American-Government. No more than the average American given the aftermath of two recent hurricanes.

The pro-war posse is now reduced to character assassination and today's victim is George Galloway. Wow, tough target, man. Its a good thing he's a walking straw man because Palast pulled the rug from under that ‘hero’ before the war-mongers had a chance. It says a lot about the bankruptcy of a valid Invasion-Occupation argument when all you’re left with is a critique of a man’s tan. Is it real or not? You know that 20 minutes into a scorched-earth campaign, your usual over-weight pro-war troll would turn a few shades pinker.

And whilst they continue to masturbate in this manner, here’s Juan Cole and the Commotions with some more of those facts on the ground that the pro-war people can’t bring themselves to countenance, mainly because none of it is complementary to their cause. Here, Mr Cole can be seen in a very interesting interview running off a stream of conciousness on Iraq, its people and the state of the War, without having to look up Google.


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