Monday, September 19, 2005

The talented Mr Hitchens

"[...] On another point, and for extra effect, Hitchens just made something up: just simply lied. He said that the father of the leader of the Lebanese Communist Party was "murdered by Syria." And Hitchens has a trick he uses with great regularity and effect in the US: he always (rightly) assumes that his interlocutor knows less about the Middle East than he does, so he throws specific names of people, places, and political parties. That leaves the other person either unable to reply, or subject to more specific facts that may overwhelm her/him. "
As'ad Abukhalil (The Angry Arab)

"[...] I guarantee you Hitchens did not know Sistani existed in February, 2003. As for Mr. Bremer, Hitchens's hero, his response to Sistani's fatwa was to ask, "can't we get a fatwa from some other mulla?""
Juan Cole

'nuff said.


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