Saturday, September 10, 2005

We live in Baghdad baby

So as the desperate attempts to prop up this disastrous war continue unabated in Tal Affar, US deserters speak out, disillusioned with the motives behind the illegal war in Iraq.

"All these insurgents, as they call them -- they're not. They're people who have nothing left. There was this guy who was mad at us because we had killed his family. Wife, children; everybody but him had been killed. He was seeking some kind of retribution. That is not an insurgent -- that's a desperate man"
Ivan Borek, 19

Those are the words of a real soldier on the ground. As opposed to the view taken by pro-war commenters who would like us to believe that the Iraq War is valid because of the need to fight the presence of insurgents. A new goalpost move which adds another pretext to the list of Reasons on Why We Went to War. Readers will remember that this list included

  • WMDs (the reason that never was)
  • To protect poor Iraqis from Saddam (the Humanitarian argument which disproved iteself after the shameful treatment of Iraqis in Abu Ghraib)
  • To give them Democracy, Freedom and the American Way (New Orleans knows all about that now)
  • And all new - There's Insurgents out there don't you know new

Which is great if you're a RightWing Straussian War supporter happily ensconced in some leafy suburb of London/New York. But not so great if you live in Baghdad, where after two and a half years, the Americans and their Iraq-Rebuilding contractors have yet to supply basic amenities.

Photo: Jerome Daily


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