Monday, October 31, 2005

More sacrifices will be required

Good anti-war blog.

Good anti-war article.

Cartoon by Steve Bell.

Outrage Fatigue

The Pro-war posse know how to pick their battles. Look at the state of Iraq and the ever-dwindling support that the beleagured Bush Administration is having to face up to to understand why. When the pro-War pickings are as lean as they are its not for nothing that the news of the Senate Report (PDF) on George Galloway has reached a pornographic crescendo in the pro-War blogoshpere.

None of the previous allegations (by the Murdoch Press and Christian Science Monitor) have stuck and a number of libel cases have seen happy George walking away with reparations made at the cost of large sums and humiliated newspaper editors. The Senate Report has been served up with more evidence supplied by Senator Coleman that suggests that Galloway did receive payments from Tariq Aziz and friends. This is the same Senator Coleman who headed a Senate Committe which was made to look like a bunch of incompetent arseholes by Galloway in strident form and in May.

Galloway might have received funds siphoned via Saddam’s government. He might even eat small children for all we know. Pro-War supporters should get over the need to portray Galloway as the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega and the Human Embodiment of the Anti-War movement. The important flash cards here are (a) He isn’t and (b) His crimes (if proven) do not redeem the Great Lie that took us to Iraq.

If I am unable to whip myself into a lather of self-flagellating outrage by George Galloway, it is because I'm all out of outrage on:
none of these

In the meantime, its important to keep a sense of proportion on this story and this assessment is just that.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


The Roof is On Fire
The Roof is On Fire
We don't need no water
Let the Motherf*cker Burn

courtesy of the Bloodhound Gang


Carlos Niño is a producer, musician and one half of the LA-based underground electronica/hiphop outfit AmmonContact (the other half being Fabian Ammon). He also hosts a radio station called SpaceWays, which is describes itself as playing music that is ‘from folkways to sun ra and what's in between’.

AmmonContact is also regarded as being part of the flourishing trend that is personified by other artists such as Build An Ark, Dwight Trible, Sa-Ra, Daedelus and Madlib. The sublimely funky beats these artists and more can be heard on the current playlist of my internet radio station Radio.TiffinBox.

Your Arsenal

Do words speak louder than actions in the heated arena of Muslim-Israeli politics? Given the latest Iranian diplomatic fallout, you'd be forgiven for thinking so. The Iranian president passes a stupid and unwise comment about Israel (‘Wiped off the map’), and we get the apoplexy of sanctimonious staged-rage from Bliar and friends. Meanwhile Israel sits quietly on the biggest nuclear arsenal outside of the ratified five nation Nuclear Club, and no one makes a toot. And when Israel ethnically cleanses Palestine of Palestinians and physically removes Palestine from the face of the earth and 'drive it into the sea' we don't hear indignant mouth-froth like we did from our Tony. Israel's actions are always acceptable whereas provocative and silly remarks slipped by Ahmadinejad are not.

Further commentary by Pickled Politics and JSF on this story.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pakistan Earthquake Appeals

Google Points to Pickled Politics: This post lists the Charity Organisations handling Pakistan’s Earthquake Appeals.

Please give generously.

Up the Khyber

Ooh Memsaheeb!

What a week that was. We had two very strange ‘non-stories’ that knocked received political pre-conceptions sideways.

The first one was that George Bush’s motives for invading Iraq were dictated to him by his Personal Jesus. Literal or not, we know that the story contains some truth in it, judging from how hastily the Bush Spin Machine went into action to kill it. This does nothing to dispel the stink created by the inconsistency that is this: Secular Western Liberal Democracy’s mission to democratise the lands of Araby as we know it today and as advocated by the likes of Nick Cohen (and other pro-War muppets) is actually religiously inspired by George Bush’s P2P (Peer to Peer) connection with God.

Secondly, Pakistan has its first reported gay marriage. Now I'm not very brushed up on gay current events, but does that mean Pakistan has had a gay marriage before either the UK or the USA, the 'vanguards of sexual freedom'?

Pickled Politics

Pickled Politics is a new blog that subtitles itself as ‘current affairs for a progressive generation’. Edited by Sunny Hundal who has had previous incarnations as editor of Asians in Media. He’s a fearless blogger and a reality-based journalist who doesn’t let the sentimental bullshit of the Left, Right, the selective jingoism of the NewLeft nor lame Sectarian baggage get in the way of his analysis. Apart from that, from the short shrift he gives to the neo-patriots in Harry’s Place comments box, its clear he doesn’t suffer fools gladly either. I’ve been enjoying Pickled Politics articles and comments immensely since they opened doors to the blog last month. Keep up the good work Sunny and the guys at PP.

I’m further grateful to PP of course, without whom I wouldn’t have met Lalloo. [via TurbanHead]

The Annointment of Saint George

Last week, the Guardian and the Indy broke the story that Bush claimed that God told him to invade and “end tyranny in Iraq”. Whats really amusing is the reaction to this story by the two camps for and against the war.

The anti-war reaction was one of bored dismissal. Tell us something we don’t know about the Bush Theocracy. The Guardian will be breaking a story a about a Whitehouse aide claiming Bush is an elitist dullard with a speech impediment next.

The pro-war camp scurried around trying their best to disassociate their causes from the story. Here are two from the pro-war blogswamp:

Scott Burgess @ the Daily Ablution, which regards itself as the Media Watchdog for the jingoistic RightWing NewLeft, does a typically malevolent mouth-frothing dis-job on the editors who broke the news. Calm down dear, its only a “non-story”. Isn't it?

The drink-soaked cretins for war does a typically piss-poor attempt at explaining to us why their ‘Secular’ politics unconditionally supports a man who has conversations with God.

Meanwhile the BBC has been scared off pursuing this story. I wonder why. It couldn’t be because of this could it?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Islam is George Best

George Best is unwell again. Seeing his name headlined in the press as he relapses back into an alcohol induced kidney infection, expecting if not exactly urging on his death, I'm reminded of the time, back in the day, I was jogging down Headingley Road, Leeds. Amongst the usual inner city dereliction, I saw on a wall, daubed in huge white capital letters in thick, freshly sprayed paint:


A few days later, jogging down Headingley Road again, I see the same graffiti. Only this time, some Leeds 6 wag had spraycan-edited it to read:


Yes, could very well be. A once glorious past brought to heal on a diet of debauchery and vice and by the incompetence of leaders, managers and trainers. Get well soon Mr Best.

Donald's Doggerels

Wherefore Donald Rumsfeld? Since the AngloAmerican War in Iraq started to go pear-shaped, we've hardly seen the man. We miss his hardman stance, shoulders back, chest afore, making snappy, straight off the bat throw downs against a Pentagon breakbeat. For those of you who have missed the man's wordplay, here is a full anthology.

The Unknown
As we know,
There are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know
There are known unknowns.
That is to say
We know there are some things
We do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns,
The ones we don't know
We don't know.