Monday, October 31, 2005

Outrage Fatigue

The Pro-war posse know how to pick their battles. Look at the state of Iraq and the ever-dwindling support that the beleagured Bush Administration is having to face up to to understand why. When the pro-War pickings are as lean as they are its not for nothing that the news of the Senate Report (PDF) on George Galloway has reached a pornographic crescendo in the pro-War blogoshpere.

None of the previous allegations (by the Murdoch Press and Christian Science Monitor) have stuck and a number of libel cases have seen happy George walking away with reparations made at the cost of large sums and humiliated newspaper editors. The Senate Report has been served up with more evidence supplied by Senator Coleman that suggests that Galloway did receive payments from Tariq Aziz and friends. This is the same Senator Coleman who headed a Senate Committe which was made to look like a bunch of incompetent arseholes by Galloway in strident form and in May.

Galloway might have received funds siphoned via Saddam’s government. He might even eat small children for all we know. Pro-War supporters should get over the need to portray Galloway as the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega and the Human Embodiment of the Anti-War movement. The important flash cards here are (a) He isn’t and (b) His crimes (if proven) do not redeem the Great Lie that took us to Iraq.

If I am unable to whip myself into a lather of self-flagellating outrage by George Galloway, it is because I'm all out of outrage on:
none of these

In the meantime, its important to keep a sense of proportion on this story and this assessment is just that.


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