Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pickled Politics

Pickled Politics is a new blog that subtitles itself as ‘current affairs for a progressive generation’. Edited by Sunny Hundal who has had previous incarnations as editor of Asians in Media. He’s a fearless blogger and a reality-based journalist who doesn’t let the sentimental bullshit of the Left, Right, the selective jingoism of the NewLeft nor lame Sectarian baggage get in the way of his analysis. Apart from that, from the short shrift he gives to the neo-patriots in Harry’s Place comments box, its clear he doesn’t suffer fools gladly either. I’ve been enjoying Pickled Politics articles and comments immensely since they opened doors to the blog last month. Keep up the good work Sunny and the guys at PP.

I’m further grateful to PP of course, without whom I wouldn’t have met Lalloo. [via TurbanHead]


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(Rohin from PP)


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