Sunday, October 09, 2005

Up the Khyber

Ooh Memsaheeb!

What a week that was. We had two very strange ‘non-stories’ that knocked received political pre-conceptions sideways.

The first one was that George Bush’s motives for invading Iraq were dictated to him by his Personal Jesus. Literal or not, we know that the story contains some truth in it, judging from how hastily the Bush Spin Machine went into action to kill it. This does nothing to dispel the stink created by the inconsistency that is this: Secular Western Liberal Democracy’s mission to democratise the lands of Araby as we know it today and as advocated by the likes of Nick Cohen (and other pro-War muppets) is actually religiously inspired by George Bush’s P2P (Peer to Peer) connection with God.

Secondly, Pakistan has its first reported gay marriage. Now I'm not very brushed up on gay current events, but does that mean Pakistan has had a gay marriage before either the UK or the USA, the 'vanguards of sexual freedom'?


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