Thursday, November 10, 2005

90 Days Bill Defeat

Jesus wept. And following today, so must have Tony. On this day his proposal to allow the detention of terror suspects for 90 days without charge was voted out by 31 votes. Signalling the first ever defeat of Blair in Parliament and the precipitation of “Leadership questions”. No doubt, moments of rash, mindless celebration were enjoyed by millions all over England.

The “public support” horse that NuLabour will inevitably be flogging (to death) from tomorrow is questionable to say the least (via PP).

But for me, the best blog comment on this story come from the ever-quotable Laban Tall:

No Briton of any colour should be subject to arrest and lengthy imprisonment without charge or knowing the evidence against them. We have managed without such a law (in peacetime) for 700-odd years now. There is also a sharp distinction to be made between the cases of suspected British terrorists and suspected foreign ones. The Belmarsh detainees, all foreign, are able to leave the UK at any time if they so wish.


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