Thursday, November 24, 2005

Enemies of the Internet

The World Summit on the Information Society presented the "enemies of the internet" which are 15 countries whose attitude to freedom of information is to monitor and censor.

In an article in a similar vein, Julien Pain talks about the rise of the use of spyware by authoritarian countries:
All authoritarian regimes use the same devices to control the Internet. First they install filters against "subversive" material. The champions in this are Saudi Arabia and China, which block thousands of online publications. Both impose very broad censorship - of pornographic sites, independent magazines, human rights material and webpages about banned religious movements. Then they install software to read e-mail messages by spotting keywords that are "counter-revolutionary" or "undermine state security" and set up a cyberpolice to track down dissidents.
Hat Tip: Third World Blog


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