Friday, November 11, 2005

Hitchens Defending Chalabi

Once America’s darling of a post-Saddam Iraq, but now damned to remain overlooked and superceded, Ahmad Chalabi is back in the USA, but not, it would seem, to defend himself nor to clear his name or in fact to even own up to his crimes, as reported here in Prospect.

In a fantastic example of first-hand blogging, Kris Lofgren, covers the story of Chalabi’s speech in Washington. There Lofgren meets up with Hitchens and strikes up conversation, but can’t believe his ears when Hitch comes up with this:

Hitchens then turned the subject back to Chalabi, his good friend.  I asked him if he thought Chalabi had been passing American intelligence to the Iranians.  "No," he insisted.  "It's possible that with his training, you know, at [The University of] Chicago that with his own ability he was able to crack the codes.  He is a mathematical genius.  His expertise is cryptology.  It is possible that he broke the codes himself." 

So Chalabi was hacking code whilst embezzling billions from under the noses of Bremer and Negroponte? I’ve heard about praising your friends to the skies, but is Hitchens serious?

Hat Tip: Joshua Micah Marshall


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