Sunday, November 27, 2005

Weekly Round Up

In the spirit of the weekly round-up, here are the articles from Blogsville that ruffled my feathers:

Chris Dillow at the very refined Stumblings and Mumblings offers this cracking review of Oliver Kamm’s Anti-totalitarianism: The Left-Wing Case for a Neoconservative Foreign Policy. Kamm is regared as one of the bright young logicians of the Pro-War Left.

“As a liberal lefty with no strong view on the war, I was prepared to be persuaded. Kamm not only fails to do this, but actually weakens the case – and not merely by contaminating it by racism.”

Ouch! This book was meant to have presented the definitive case for going to war and Iraqi regime change and the pro-War Left having been unquestioningly gushing all over it. Not so fast, says Dillow, who not only dismantles Kamm’s arguments but shows us the correct way to write a book review. Nicely done. Read it.

BlairWatch covers the the memo ‘scandal’. This one is going to run and run as long as the Government continues to display all of its trademark belligerance on matters regarding the accountability of Iraq. More links from here by Sunny at PP.

The Sharpener published this on the talk given by the Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali at the ICA on Friday. Its a little fawning for my taste without much description of what was actually discussed. In other words, no awkward questions mentioned but lots on how wonderfully enlightened Hirsi Ali is. I would love to read a more balanced version of the talk, but until then, thats all I’ve found.

And finally, Lenin of the Tomb lays the boot in, in a masterful and well deserved kick in the groin of an amoral egoist who’s been asking for it.

Pro-War? Where you gonna hide?


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