Thursday, December 29, 2005

Golmal Festive 10

The Golmal Press Album Charts for 2005 have been awaited with baited breath since the last of the Xmas leftovers were polished off. So before we get another attack of the munchies, here are the top 10 albums voted by Golmalsters all over the world:

DangerDoom [1] Quasimoto – The Further Adventures of Lord Quas

Another Madlib joint. And knowing Lord Quas, joint is the operative word. This is the second installment of the musings of the herbed-up dysfunctional alien brother from another planet.

The production value alone will keep this in the classics library forever.

This is hip hop. This isn’t hip hop.

[2] Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Master and Everyone

Listening to the music of Will Oldham is like finding yourself staring at an open flesh wound, mesmerised and repulsed at the same time.

This album is pared down to a guitar and the superb lyrics and Oldham’s unique voice.

If this beautiful music doesn’t move you, get in touch with your feelings, you monster. An excellent review can be found here.


[3] DangerDoom (MF Doom and DangerMouse) – The Mouse and the Mask

Two artistst completely on top of their game get into a studio and produce a hip hop album that breaks the mold. Repeated playings brings out its wit, intelligence and humour.

“Genius – but do you even know what that means!”

Absolutely effing blinding.

DangerDoom[4] Various – Choubi Choubi

A compilation of Iraqi pop and folk music from the Saddam era. Shareef may not have liked it, but this album ROCKS!

This is joyful, sexy, hopelessly dance-able, uninhibited and funky. Not for Pro-War Johnnies who like to think nothing good ever happened in Iraq before March 2003.

Essential stuff. Also see Radio India, released by the same people.


[5] Jamie Lidell – Multiply

When electronica wonder-boy drops his anorak and sings, he shows off a voice that is as soulful and beautifully sonorous as anything by Al Green, Prince, Stevie Wonder etc. Yes, that good.

To see the man live is to see his electronica credentials for yourself as he splices and loops his vocals on himself. Wondrous.

Play that funky music, white boy.

DangerDoom[6] Daedelus – Exquisite Corpse

This album blew my socks off when it was released earlier this year. That was when I first heard Mr Daedelus perform a live set on Mixing It (Radio 3).

“Fourteen tracks featuring completely on their game spots from MF Doom, Sci, TTC, Mike Ladd and even Miami's Cyne taking a moment away from creating what will be their amazing upcoming debut album for City Centre Offices.”


[7] Madlib – Mind Fusion Volume 2

The second of the two Mind Fusion releases from the guru-ji, Madlib.

Essentially this is 3 tracks of blissed out rare jazz, funk and 70s soul put together in his inimitable style.

The man is a giant and he lives in our time.

DangerDoom[8] M.I.A. – Arular

All the dancefloor shifters mixed by Diplo are here like Galang and Sunshowers. All the snarly lyrics. All the irresistible breaks. This will be a classic.

Maximum Respect goes out to an London Asian dance superstar who has re-written the rules of Brit-Funk. Politicised, angry and raunchy. Give her a mention, Pickled Politics!

Zeitgeist-bending stuff.

DangerDoom[9] Sufjan Stevens – Come on feel the Illinoise!

Any album which can have a track called 'The Black Hawk War, or, How To Demolish An Entire Civilization and Still Feel Good About Yourself in the Morning, or, We Apologise For the Inconvenience but You're Going To Have To Leave Now, or I have Fought The Big Knives and Will Continue to Fight Them Until They Are Off Our Land' and still be a beautifully crafted song has got to be worthy of your schekels.

One of the best singer-songwriter working today. Heads and shoulders above the rest. Thank you Sufjan.

DangerDoom[10] Piano Overlord (Prefuse 73) – The Singles Collection 03–05

No chart of the year will be complete without at least one issue from Scott Herren aka Prefuse 73 (and any number of other avatars and incarnations).

Beautiful modal jazz arrangements, honed down hip hop beats, real acoustic instruments sampled over sharp-as-you-like electonica.

Essential stuff.

Thanks to Boomkat for the cover images, reviews, pointers and generally being the best leftfield music store on t’internet.

Tracks from these albums and more are played on that brilliant and unique internet radio station, Radio.TiffinBox.


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