Friday, December 16, 2005

Independence Day

December 16th is Bangladesh's Independence Day. A country that was created with the spilling of the blood of millions. Bangladesh was created as a secular constitutional democracy in 1971. Thirty four years later, it is still fighting the very forces it had battled then. In those days the home-grown enemies of freedom were called Razakars, or collaborators. They aided and abetted the Pakistanis in their grim crusade of rape and mass graves. Nowadays, those Islamic extremists look no different, hark back to same obscurantist ideologies and are willing to kill their own to further their cause. Bangladesh is in the midst of a second War of Independence.

To illustrate, Salam Dhaka has posted this juxtaposition of two images. The image above shows a newspaper clipping from 1971 announcing Independence. The newspaper's name shows the legend The Daily Pakistan Bangladesh Times. The second, from 2005, shows the mugshots of Ataur Rahman Sunny, the so-called leader of the JMB the Islamic terrorist army, and his cohorts who have so far indiscriminately killed dozens in terrorist attacks.


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