Friday, December 09, 2005

Pro-War Logic

Last week, the Harry's Place site was the victim of IP redirection by clever techies with time on their hands. The event was pinged across all the pro-war blogs with predictable shock and awe. One pro-war blogger, the "paranoid, smug, arrogant, self satisfied loon bat" AKA Scott Burgess of the paranoid, smug, arrogant, self satisfied and loon batty Daily Ablution described the event thus:

"There are reports that Harry's Place has been hacked down. One poster there has emailed me confirming that this is true.

Oddly, I'm still able to connect, and even to comment, as are at least some others."

The logic used by the Ablutionist in that passage above is analogous to:

"I have reason to believe that my car has broken down. My wife has phoned me confirming that this is true. Oddly, I can still start it and even drive it, which I did, as has at least, some other guy."

You can expect more of this kind of incisive logic for your money from the Daily Ablution. Good luck.


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