Friday, December 16, 2005

The Question Why

The formidable Rachel from North London wants to know why. Its an awkward question that needs answering.

Even if you don't like the questions, don't like the answers, think you know the answers already, Mr Blair, it is us, not you, who are paying the cost for this, every single bloody day. If the cost of answering questions makes you squirm, then too bad. We voted you in, we pay for you and your wars and your policies to be implemented and you say you act 'in our name'. We run the risks on the trains, the buses, the streets each day. You answer to us, the public and if I could shame you into answering us now, my God, I would.

How dare you presume you know our questions and how dare you presume that they can be answered by a 'narrative of what happened', as if we are children to be placated with a story. I know
what happened, I want to know why. I want a debate, Mr Blair, I want a dialogue.

Toopi tip: Tim Ireland @ Bloggerheads


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