Thursday, December 01, 2005

Still crazy after all these years

Happy birthday to Woody Allen who turned 70 yesterday. A prolific genius whose body of work encompass films, books, jazz music and for me, his funniest and most joyful work, his standup. Those of his films I’ve seen (and I really should see more) not only rank amongst my favourite as films go but are also regarded as some of the best ever made: Annie Hall, Zelig, Manhattan, Whats up Tiger Lilly, Crimes and Misdemeanours. The list goes on. He’s certainly up there with Kubrick and Bergman in the pantheon of Great Directors.

When I was little boy, I wanted a dog desperately, and we had no money. I was a tiny kid, and my parents couldn't get me a dog, 'cause we just didn't have the money, so they got me, instead of a dog - they told me it was a dog - they got me an ant. And I didn't know any better, y'know, I thought it was a dog, I was a dumb kid. Called it 'Spot'. I trained it, y'know. Coming home late one night, Sheldon Finklestein tried to bully me. Spot was with me. And I said "Kill!", and Sheldon stepped on my dog.


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