Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You give me fever

It started off as a harmless sore throat. Within days that had developed into a full blown bout of flu complete with runny nose and a phlegmatic cough. I then thought I had recovered. All symptoms of the cold had disappeared. But from last Friday, I started feeling feverish, my body felt it was burning up but I was also feeling extremely cold. But just like the words of the old standard:
Fever in the morning
Fever all through the night.
I'm only feeling feverish in the morning till about midday, and then when I go to bed at night. As a result I'm getting terrible sleep, with long bouts of wakefulness, during which time my mind is playing at full volume. Sleep is little better, with the usual recurring dreams I have (since I was a boy) when I get sick. Dreams which usually involve marching soldiers and planes flying into mountains! Have I got the dreaded dengue?


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