Friday, January 06, 2006

Corrupt Lobbyists and Jewish Terrorism

The latest corruption scandal to hit Washington circles is the biggest one since, erm, the last one. The main concern of the indictment of Jack Abramoff, is how many more Republicans he is going to bring down with him, as he sings like a canary. See chart, for those in his immediate circle who are high risk individuals, not just to themselves but to the reputation of the Bush Administration.

An excellent analysis of the repercussions of this latest scandal is here, by Sunny.

But one of the most interesting encapsulations of the details is provided here, by Prof Juan Cole. And in particular:

Indeed, it was this terror funding of Israeli far right militiamen that tripped Abramoff up, since the FBI discovered that he had misled Indian tribes into giving money to the Jabotinskyites, and then began wondering if he had defrauded the tribes in other ways. (You betcha!) The Indian leaders were furious when they discovered they had been used to oppress another dispossessed indigenous people, the Palestinians, calling it "Outer Limits bizarre" and saying that they would never have willingly given money to such a cause.

Somehow, the thought of Native American Indians holding solidarity with Palestinians, another "dispossessed indigenous people", and their input in blowing the lid off this scandal, has a karmic ring to it.

The language used by Prof Cole in this article is as powerful at blowing the lid of the brand of insipid apologia of Jewish terrorism is as powerful as it gets:

But here's a prediction. None of the Jewish extremists, some of them violent, who are invading the West Bank and making the lives of the local Palestinians miserable will ever be branded "terrorists" by the US Government, and Abramoff's foray into providing sniper lessons will be quietly buried.

Terror isn't terror and aggression is not aggression when it has lobbyists in Congress who can provide luxury vacations and illegal campaign funding.

Read it.


At January 08, 2006 7:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jewish Terrorism eh? That's interesting since there's over 1 million non-jews in Israel, many of whome serve in the IDF.

You're trying to equate terrorism with national aggression. And by implying that it's a Jewish thing really does you no favours my friend!

At January 08, 2006 8:18 pm, Blogger Siddhartha said...

Using funds diverted from legimitate sources to export weaponry to the West Bank so that they can be used on civilians is terrorism by any definition. Perhaps you have a problem with the fact that the civilians are Palestinian? In which case, that attitude does you no favours my friend!

And by implying that it's a Jewish thing really does you no favours my friend!

I'm not implying it. Abamoff has just been indicted because of it!

At January 08, 2006 11:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Siddhartha are there any non-civilians in Palestine? Maybe they're just a bunch of wacky youths who didn't learn from the PA, in a historical sense at least, that Israel has always been the land of the Jews eventhough those tricky Romans renamed Israel Palestine

At January 10, 2006 5:47 pm, Blogger Salam Dhaka said...

Eid Mubarak! Thanks for your note.

At January 11, 2006 6:56 pm, Blogger Salam Dhaka said...

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At January 12, 2006 3:45 pm, Blogger jezza said...

Native american Indians and Palestinians now have another thing in common . . something not a lot of commentators have explored


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