Friday, January 06, 2006

Iraqi Rebuilding Funding Runs Dry

Even before the USA/UK pulls out their troops from Iraq, the funding gets pulled first. Back in 2003, Bush made a promise that Iraq was to have the best possible infrastructure to rise from the ashes of the destruction wrought by war. But instead, we now have this:

The $18.4bn (£10.6bn) allocation is scheduled to run out in June 2007. The move will be seen by critics as further evidence of the administration's failure to plan for the aftermath of the war.

A decision not to renew the reconstruction programme would leave Iraq with the burden of tens of billions of dollars in unfinished projects, and an oil industry and electrical grid that have yet to return to pre-war production levels.

Which means the destruction done to infrastructure and institutions will have to be paid by the people of Iraq. Wasn't this always the way it was going to turn out?


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