Sunday, March 12, 2006

Suicidal Syd

Still with Viz, here is an example of their character, Suicidal Syd, who here attemptst to have himself killed by provoking the local chapter of al-Ghuraabaa. An example of a cartoon that satirises radical Muslims (reactions to the Danish loony toons in particular - which is more than welcome) without the breeching of Islamic prohibition on iconography or the sneering racism which was so explicit, it didn't even escape the BNP. We're unlikely to see any embassies burned down on account of this cartoon.

Toopee tip: MediaWatchWatch


At March 18, 2006 5:45 pm, Anonymous irving karchmar said...

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At March 23, 2006 12:46 am, Blogger Siddhartha said...

Mr Karchmar,
I've read the book and I really enjoyed it. But I lost my copy to some borrower who never returned it. I think I should buy another copy since part goes to charity.

Salaam and Thanks.

At March 29, 2006 1:32 pm, Blogger douglas said...

If the BNP really wanted to make Muslims look ridiculous they'd use the one of the prophet with a donkey, which would not be out of place in a kids guide to religions.

It is quite amusing that Muslims see nothing wrong with caricaturing and ridiculing Jews and yet take violent offence when the boot is on the other foot.

At April 03, 2006 8:07 pm, Blogger Siddhartha said...


According to this story I blogged about back in 2004, Jewish people aren't averse to stereotyping and caricaturing Arabs either. Now go away and try and get indignant about that.


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